A creature called Man

A man is all I am

Daily in the company of  my virtues and vices

A desire to live

Stained fingers familiar with hard work

A straight face that hides a heart yearning for love

An acquired taste for all that spins and blings

A toned skin from a sun who’s sting has become kin

Suspicious eyes that peep at each other from their sockets

Legs with age counted in miles

Faith that holds on to the Supreme

Grace that stirs up a thirst in the heart of Eve

Charm that keeps her thinking after am gone

A smile that screens the worries of my heart

Courage that prepares me for when the table turns

Fear that reminds me am only human

Truth that cast light on the darkened woodlands of humanity

Ego that tells me am no less a man

Ignorance that helps me find careless gold

Genius that paints the skill of my hands……

Am more than just a man

Am an army

I go into everyday

Hoping to come out alive

Out there the streets are not paved in gold

But unturned stones with treasure or curses underneath

Where friends are only clothed wolfs

And the vultures circle for easy pickings

Life is a simple game

And survival is how I play 


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