Alter ego

Like the wind prides itself in the movement of a kite

Or a father secretly glows in the shadow of his son

Every man feeds well of the I.V of his alter ego

Call it my private Nemo

The never ending rush of what i could be

But in most cases never was or will be

The secrete that only i know

Covered in the guise of everyday me

The suite beneath my suite

The silent vigilante in me

Soldier of justice

Or heavily sedated rock star

Feel free to take a pick from its wide range

Tailored to suit your every fantancy

Never limited to just one

Maybe two or three in a life time

Every great man subscribed to one

The greatest lunatics to

Driven to perverseness by exposure to extreme doses

Now you know what Hitler dint tell you

Or what Starling hid in his closet

Pure genius with a touch of malevolence


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