And the world lost its mind

And the world lost its mind

Its clock broke and the sun came out at night

The ocean became greedy and embezzled more shore line

Stars argued that they were moons and the rains kept a grudge with the earth

The earth grumbled and swallowed all in sight

Nature lay awake scheming while men were asleep

The moon dressed up in fancy linen and cast strange colors across the earth

The sun was convinced that even the black man needed a tan, poor white man

See as terror engulfs the earth

As men scamper in search of a safe haven

The skies remain blue in mockery

Claiming ignorance to its sins

Clouds starting to bulge with bladders full of withheld rain

Foolishly man troughs in a few spices

Nuclear weapons,

Weapons of mass destruction,



Not forgetting the ship they arrived on, Politics


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