I dare you to fall

Just fall..
Like dry leaves in harmarthan
Like icecicles from winters mouth
Like tears from a broken heart
Like dew in the mornings wake
Like droplets on a rainy day
Like raisins on a chocolate cake
Like petals from a roses fade
Like a feather on its gentle weight
Like a meteorite from outer space
Like pages from a withered book
Like a man over a crocked step
Like a log over an axes blade
Like a mighty city under siege
Like a silver coin into a wishing well
Like a fruit fresh off the tree
Fall in love
with the viciousness of a wild bull after a red cape
With the cruelty of a wild cat set on its prey
With the ignorance of a new born
With the helplessness of an alcoholic
with the foolishness of a court jester
And the tenderness of an angels breath.
Just fall…….

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