Let me breath in your smell
Feel the warmth of your breath against my neck
Trace the high ways that form the prints on your finger tip
And taste the nectar hidden within your lips
Let me stand afar once more and just take it all in
Bask in the radiance of your very beauty
And marvel at the very thought of how you where made
Pure gold mixed with ivory
And filtered in the clearest of streams
Let the thought of you bewilder me
Live me in awe of how lost i am without you
Crush me with the thought of ever loosing you
Let your eyes console me
And your lips tell me its okay
While your fingers play me a song with my skin as its keys
Let me crown each toe with a kiss
And feel the texture of your skin rub against my chicks
With each breath a new realm
Even in death
Let this memories be the gentle breeze
That lights the spark of our passion into a wild fire

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