The self afflicted

I restle me to the ground
With every tussle victory seems slimmer
I wear the scars of my self affliction
Should i sit and weep
Or call for help
Do not let me fall,o lord
Your peace is all i desire
Your grace is all i require
Hold me up as you have promised
Less my feet knock against the stones of my sins
Am not alright
Until you comfort me
Let my heart take flight with the wings you give me
Let my soul set sail on the sea of peace which you bring
Its all or nothing
Not a part of me
But all of me
Take all that is left of this man
And make it all that am ment to be
Save me lord less i may stumble
Brace me,less i may crumble
Let me follow you
Wherever this road leads
For the woods of this world are filled with howling sounds
And lying voices
Hold me less my heart may fail me
That finally with confidence i may come to thee

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