How they hunt me this monsters that sleep under my bed

How they dedicate time to keep me frightened

Clocking in just when sleep should tastes the sweetest

How they fit in under there remains my amazement

Too many my arithmetic has proven

How I tried to persuade them that the neighbor just purchased a huge bed with more room underneath

but they reminded me how unfriendly his own monsters were to them

I got a dream catcher and hung it over my bed

and they reminded me they were no dreams

All night they question me

Each one a different question

My brain rattles as I attempt answers

and when I can’t I cry for sleep to rescue me

But they made her a fair deal and she kept her peace

At a corner she stood

With pity in her eyes and a hand full of silver pieces

The very first night they came

They brought gifts

Later I learned otherwise

A coin and a map with a cross road in it

Such a strange game

I have remained tossing ever since

It’s Vegas in here only without the flashing lights

Every night like my pajamas I put on my poker face

For fear they might catch on soon

But then I keep tossing

Hoping to find the hidden jokers and jackpots

In this game life itself hangs by a thread

And yet in my ear they whisper so soothingly…play



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