Mary weds John

With one spark they were one heart

Like a careless smoker and a dry bush

The flames of their wild fire refused containment

Like an incurable cravings each other’s company was precious

And each voice was music to each ear

With promises made the future cast a glare

Years have gone by

Change has strolled by

And left stains the washing board has failed to reed of

The sour taste from a once sweet fruit lingers

The barn doors were left open and love like a thousand horses eloped with the night

Taking all that was good

An empty room it is and the bad things felt at home

For him visits to Nneka’s apartment from work was a good distraction

Frequent trips to the neighborhood church was all the consolation she could get

Alcohol, resentment…the list of symptoms continue

Who’s to blame?

Time, life or love itself?

Time brought change and change the bad things

Life and its pressures that day by day erode our sanity

Maybe love and its deceitful parallax

Coincidentally I ran into the both of them individually

Pot bellied and bald headed

Fat and an all year round foul weather attitude

Friends and family never saw this coming

I guess “happy ever after” is just a fairytale after all

……I pronounce you man and wife…….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Imani Wisdom on May 13, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    I guess wedded bliss isn’t so blissful after all. Well done!


    • Thanks for the comment Imani..Like a coin and most things in life,Marriage is more or less a wrapped gift and what ever you see on opening it is yours….Am still a big fan of this sacred union.


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