Poetically Correct

Commands with a matter of fact

Void of every tact

With words handsome in every sense

Not spotting a white tux

But real and still on point

Words matching out at the poet’s clarion call

Disjointed lines filled with the sublime

Not unlike a drunken driver you’re forced to read between the lines

Where opinion and passion make nest

Sometimes crispy to the readers crunch

Indigestion has been reported in a few cases

More than just the love child of pen and paper

The offspring of long ponder or sudden awareness

As the poet navigates shallow waters or open sea in faintest of light

Choose your path but choose wisely

Controversy has been known to walk these paths

And truth at home in its woods

Tailored to fit from fancy linen

Not all minds can afford the patronage of its luxury

You call it gifted

I call it poetically correct


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