Seasons on the outside

It’s hard watching from the outside

When it seems all the fun is on the inside

The glass frosts from depressed sighs blurring your vision

For a minute such great relief it brings

Your vision is obscured from what you’re missing

Truly ignorance is bliss

But for how long?

Some truths are hard to deny or ignore

Especially if nature designed it so

The temperature gradually drops out here while they bask in the warmth of the inside

The wrong side of the fence

Where longing is the only company you find

And loneliness taps you on the shoulder and says am here for you

On the inside smiles perfect the picture

Out here drawn long faces shadow us like a costume party with the spooky masks

I’ve seen brave men crack open like clay pots out here

While others occupy themselves to hide their want

Some just aim for the vain with syringes full of denial less they remember their predicament

All I need is a view to the other side

Yes it brings hurt but leaves an after taste of hope and possibilities

And renews the faith of those who doubted its existence

How long?

The question lingers….

Till we cross over like mosquito lava in a pond


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