The Fugitive

We wish to warn the general public

That we have a criminal on the run

He is armed and dangerous

Currently responsible for malicious crimes against millions of hearts around the world

Some hurt others broken beyond repair

We fear that all may be at risk

For his arrow has never been known to miss

Its tip coated in poison

And its antidote we have yet to find

Symptoms include

The woozy sensation of alcohol

Heavy breathing

Long stares and unexplainable smiles

Butterfly like sensations in the abdominal region

Constant day dreaming



The urge to write ballads and short poems

….this individual is reckless and dangerous

No heart is immune to his attack

We declare him an enemy to humanity…..

He was last seen spotting a bright hallo and a pair of wings

Armed with a bow and a quiver filled with arrows

We repeat Cupid is armed and dangerous

A reward awaits any information that could lead to his arrest


6 responses to this post.

  1. haha. I assumed the criminal was gonna be alcohol, nice one.


  2. […] onto the sea. He had better run. If he knows what’s good for him he’d better attain The Fugitive […]


  3. Oh! I know where cupid is hiding: *whispering* “in the hearts of men (and women)”. Eradicating him will require a paradigm shift which I belive is already in motion. Great piece.


    • Thank you soo much for you kind comment and heads up on where to bust Cupid…Of late I’ve learnt to forgive the little fellow though,he’s just the guy with the bow and arrow,we are the ones with the emotions that choose to burn as though aided by petrol 🙂


      • Don’t take it easy on him man. I’m a doctor and if there’s one thing I understand; it’s the fact that when a man’s mind is poisoned, his actions are greatly difficult to control by himself. It’s the reason people end up in psyche wards. So whatever poisons the hearts of men should be dealt with utmost concern. Cupid is on this list and the search must not stop.

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