The Entrepreneur

A mind in constant turmoil
Ideas battle guts and in turn they challenge action
Imagination leaves a cloud of debris
Behind the smoke awaits foe and ally,failure and success
Patiently waiting in trenches of ambush
It’s a brutal war out here fueled by ambition
As ideas litter the fields
Some slain before they could prove themselves
Others constantly advancing towards the enemy lines of life’s obstacles
One look back and its clear why still we fight
The dark days of lack and helplessness is all the fuel this fire needs
With boots of brainstorming constantly raising dust
I can no longer find myself
As the mushrooms of doubt cover us in aches
And desperation marks each target in bright red
For artillery no black hawks or automatic riffles
Just faith
And for armor no combat helmets or bulletproof vest
Just street smart
Everyman his own gorilla
His neck adorned with the unattractive dog tag of hope
Fear remains not an option.


One response to this post.

  1. Strong throughout with no loss of momentum. I like the analogy with urban conflict, it adds drama and atmosphere. It works for me.


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