The good man my Father…

My father was a good man
Like the two sides of a coin he had his flaws
But the world chooses to see what it wants
The good in him he gave to me
To smile knowing it was worth far more than money
To shake my elders with both hands and say sir after good morning
To be blind to the bad in others
And work extra hard to find their good that sometimes they fear to show
The Fear of being called weak.

My father was a good man
But the world made him a sad man
Trampled his good under its feet and stuck out its tongue
Life like friends hung around long enough to merry
But when the pudding went sour they held their nostrils and hurried off to more important duties
Leaving tightly shot doors behind them
And the world became a cold place
Where the only conversations came from the whistling pines that swayed in the wind.

My father was a good man, he always tried to be
Even if sometimes we failed to see it behind the veil of grief
Yet I knew love ran deep in his veins
Yes I know cause it runs and flows warm in mine.

My father was a good man
His life was the foot that tested the warmth of the bath water before I took a deep
And told me to freely immerse myself in its viscous embrace
But like a beautiful flower it was, its warmth too would wither and shrivel some day.


4 responses to this post.

  1. the relationship and love we share with our father’s has a great impact on our lives and partly shapes who we are. You have captured that in this heartfelt poem and shown how we at times gimps the man behind the front that is often presented to the world.


  2. Posted by Chika Obioha on June 22, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Each time morals are rated higher than material things especially where relationships are concerned, it gives hope.
    its good to know that people still value morals.
    Many of us have been blessed by having Fathers like the one in your poem, My prayer is that people of our generation also grow to become such Fathers.
    i liked your poem


    • Thank you soo much Chika.Am very honoured that you would take out time to read my piece…Am sure you equally have a remarkable dad…


  3. Posted by Sarah on June 24, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Fatherly love and care is one thing i did not experience, having lost my Father to the cold Hands of death at age 4. bt i knw he’s such a wonderful, caring, and loving father..Mum told me so.
    nice piece Ebi, thumbs up!


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