Urban Stereotype

Scaling obstacles as the seconds vigorously chase the hours
Collapsing the tout ropes that mark the finish lines of another working day
My body says am done my mind says we just began
Emaciating pockets shed the weight that kept my mind still
Causing a panic that sends my sleep on vacation while anxiety stayed back to babysit
…..urban life, urban worries…..
..Airtime, BIS, water bills, power bills,….and the ever increasing cost of keeping the moon and stars out of view while I sleep
This desk promises compensation
Month ends and it turns out she lied
But like an enchanted lover I’m a slave to her seduction month after month
Her lie a better consolation to the uncertainty that lurks the street corners
Urban dreams make my sleep sweet
Dreams with marble floors and shinny cars
Enticing me to wake up every morning like a carrot dangling from a stick
Public transportation affords me a few minutes of blissful contemplation at a great cost
As it bridges the intervals between work and family
Each one a room with a grinding mill and obligation spelt out in bold red letters
All this designed to hinder little urban relationships that are meant to keep me sane
Looking out the window all I see is urban people
With baggages full of urban troubles
I look beside me and mine is not too faraway
This urban traffic is a reminder that this urban fears are real..
As soldiers stop and check every few kilometers of the way like milestones.


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