In black and white

The pages of our books are filled with ink
And in them stories are told
Some will make you cry
Some make you smile
Others provoke anger and often times fear
But in each tale the ink is guided by hope
Each calligraphic stroke says we are different
Some stories make the ink stains find multiple pages
But even those stains tell their own stories
A pen in hand is how we all live our lifes
What we write is ours to decide
Some will write nothing others to much
But in the end each story meets a final full stop
Every story carries its own genius
Some too common others glary with bravado
We the object the moments that make up our lives the subject
Some pick a plot from the onset
Others find it towards the end
This chapters’ mistakes gave the next its prospects
What matters most is that we enjoy writing as much as others will enjoy reading
Not knowing how it ends characterizes a good story
Nevertheless ending with a bang leaves every author ambitious.


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