At The Rainbows End

Not all that is wild should be tamed
All my life I knew caution
Moderation my watch word
And a gentleman I always was
But in your eyes I forgot all I was thought
Like a child running naked over the hills my emotions have found zest and zeal
At this rate I fear insanity may be lurking my corridors as euphoria after euphoria collide
Your waves crash into my shores leaving galaxies of bright stars
In your eyes am a child again
Innocence has boldly written love in my heart in such heavy words that my tongue cannot pronounce
Am lost but yet found
For I find in you the missing piece from a puzzle of a billion pieces
You do not complete me you finish me
But the end is where it begins
Where loneliness ends is where fairy tales begin
The happy ever after of ever afters
For you when I thank God I mean it
Iv reached my rainbows end and my pot of gold is real.


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