A man’s simplicity is like words on paper
They say what they say and nothing more
A woman is more like a poem
Reading between the lines is where the true plot lies
Each word most be read in and out of context
A man spends his life walking this maze
Some doors look promising until it births a brick wall
Don’t get me wrong, I never said I understood women
But I’ve come to accept my place as an eternal stranger in a land that’s theirs
They urge us on by saying the world is ours
With egos that never outgrew youthful exuberance we sort victory in a game of chess
Which if I must add was lost from the beginning of time
Clearly Adam never refused the fruit Eve handed him
I bet you every great invention of men was to impress women
That look they give him makes him want to win
Even if wining meant flying with wings made of wax


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