Tik Tok..

Waiting on the world to end
One reckless step after the other
They say a natural disaster will wipe us out
I say we’ll do a better job at it
Selfishness and ignorance our gentle aids
From low birth rates to euthanasia
The old gradually become a burden we refuse to bear
Small wonder we decided to patiently teach them to jump
And in pairs to make it quicker
Politics and war provide the background music
Hunger and the media keep the people in the dark but entertained
False heroes have began to appear in shimmering garments
Manifestos a mile long with only one word of truth
Seeking peace the excuse
While the oil they loot
From expensive cocktails to the mistresses purse,
All funded by public funds
Acids that eat the brains have become children’s toys
Playtime never felt better
Until they find a gun and rob stores to maintain the high
Politicians cower behind huge doors with deliberation as their excuse
The unemployed threaten to take over Wall Street but can’t afford the bus ride
Democracy demolishes from the inside out
All the masses have to do is pick their poison
Voting between the devil and the blue sea
Hope emaciates by the day from starving minds
While politics keeps greed plump on democratic junk
We walk around, mouths sealed with tape
A sound and you’re gone to the grave
Freedom of speech is something for the kids
After all what do they know about the real world
Where you rob the poor to purchase expensive toys and women for the rich
A daily dose of perversion and a rejection of God is all it took to bring us this far


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