Seasons on the outside part II

So lonely sometimes that the sound of my breaking heart is clear in my ears

Single is not how it was meant to be

Everyday life teases me with couples holding hands and trading smiles

I perfected the art of looking unjealous

Hoping they won’t look at me and know I’m all alone

I blame myself for lack of anything else to do

A handy emotion in times of emptiness

Maybe am too tall

Probably too skinny

I guess a new jacket would put me in their way

Or a constant smile will hide my insecurities

What’s the use?

I’ve tried it all

And still trying

The good guys always finish last they say

Maybe they are right

Invented my own sport

Counting good girls tail the bad boys

You should try it too

To hell with the control pads

Just count

…I have to get back to work

Day dreaming never kept this table clean


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