Life according to a poet

The years have crawled,walked..
And gradually began to run
On each lap a new lesson
To be weary of the things that make you happy
For they never last
To embrace the things that hurt you
For in them character, patience and persistence find manure
That the moments are all we have
So make them count
That love and life are one
One without the other is a bad buy
Alcohol never kept pain and grief abbey
It only saves it for a later time and doubles the intensity
That lust is never worth the price
In a few minuets you’ll realize your loss
That envy only steals productive time
And time is money
That children are a reminder of what God intended life to be
Beautiful and innocent
That anger eats a man down to the bones
And all it leaves behind is regret
That boy and girls are different in all sense of the word
Small wonder opposites attract
That God is real
That’s why the world is bent on proving he isn’t
That fairy tales are results of sad beginnings
And in-between is always patience
That faith is all you have
Even money runs out and friends grow apart
That wisdom is not only for the genius
We are often to selfish and busy to give her a chance
That a lie can never change the truth
The later just buys time and piles up disgrace
That all things come to an end
And old age is inevitable.


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