Fairytale ending

I let it weigh me down long enough
That it’s suffering may cure my denial
The truth they say is clearer in pain
Clearly my mirage has given way to desert sand
But the scars left by false hope birth a beast of a domesticated heart
No cage will hold this one captive I fear
Deep in the heart of night hear it howl
In rage, regret and new insight
He will forever stalk the woods
For little girls in red hoods and baskets full of goodies
Until beauty finds him
And rids him of this grave curse
Someone should have warned him to be weary of rabbit holes
Indeed what a great fall
All hope now lay in the hands of the king’s horses and men
Jack fell down and broke his heart but Jill only came tumbling after


6 responses to this post.

  1. This is a great piece


  2. Great artistic self expression. Your poem is definitely a joy to read, and you clearly have a great talent for it. And I like the ending that you made, a reference to the ever-famous Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. Keep up the excellent work, the world needs art like the one you create.


  3. Do you LIKE the poem A good poem can often make you upset, or challenge you often, that is the POINT.


  4. I think this was one piece i enjoyed writing,while speaking of a subject very dear to me.Incoperating a few folk tales and nursery rhymes like The little red riding hood,Beauty and the beast,Alice in wonderland,Jack and Jill all helped creatively familiarise the reader with the topic,provoke nostalgia as well as giving the poem a sort of character…


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