LIVE FREE….BUT FEAR GOD!!!!!…Say you rule because God said you should,

break the rules that say you shouldn’t be good to your fellow man,

 Love if it’s the last thing you do for love is enough,

Be simple  that your pages may be read by the common man,

Be different, Be the diversity that spices up this thing called life,

Be humble and don’t chose your way but the right way,

Stand toe to toe with you hurricanes and tsunamis, Fear not for they only bluff,

If God is LOVE then love is everything,

Let the world doubt you for they did all the greats,

Let your mind be vast like the ocean but even the ocean keeps its boundaries,

We may be born to die but if we live right we’ll work the skies,

chose to leave a palm print on the heights of Kilimanjaro and foot prints in the oceans bed,

while your here you might as well chose how you go,

Ignore the clichés, just live and love,

Be sure to have one genuine tear when you pass,

Till then invest in wisdom that your children may inherit its turnover,

Make bricks from your struggles,

with them build your dreams,

 A man will give value to his name and not the reverse.


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