The Titanic

The clouds have always covered our sun
Gave us shade but with the rain drowned our love
We both could use a drink with the ice from our cold hearts
Cheers to the new life
We never could stop this stream from picking its own path
The debris it washed up litter our shorelines
Burying our footprints like we were never here
Irelands apart now with no tales to exchange between this two cities
Burnt the only bridge with thoughts we both kept hidden
Sadly no one will take the blame
The weight of our thoughts will forever keep them belly bound
And our actions paint over them hoping to cover the scars
While we pray they heal with the pass of time
Though they constantly reaffirm their presence with slight itching
Cringing from each other’s scars like lepers we leave a void
Forgetting we each caused them and left them unattended to fester
As the earth goes round along its axis, maybe our paths might cross again in life’s traffic
Till then the lesson we have come to know and learn,
What was meant to be would have been irrespective of how hard we cried or tried


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