The traveling man

Standing at the ships bridge
Crew side by side we watch the casket sail away
Today we bury one more at sea
In death he earned his own ship
Sail away far away
Where none has returned to share tale
Where grief and sorrow will never find
Where eternity makes nest and ever after is true to its words
No unpredictable waves only gentle ones
That cradles you as the oceans coral sings you a lullaby
Hat to chest we give last respect
Finding solace in memories shared
From stormy nights In the heart of sea to gentle current at the wake of land
Our journey through life made us kin
Now we part still to meet again
On that day singing will be heard far out at eternal sea
And tears will flow for joy as it Shedds its skin of sorrow
Travel light travel free
You owe the world nothing now
All debts paid in full
History will forever hold that you were here
Forgetting remains an uphill task
But in celebration not mourning


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