Game of hearts

Spanking the child wasn’t what hurt the most
But saying he shouldn’t cry.
Telling him be brave and eat your frog,

Scars hurt even when we look away
And those who inflict it call you weak.
Saying you don’t deserve happiness because you cry when in pain

These tears are the only words that say it all
Too many thoughts for my poor mind to translate into words
I said to myself, speaking would only hurt you
Yet all you do is hurt me

Not scared of the pain anymore, it has become kin
I worry about when the tears run out
At that point other outlets seem desirable
The line between the good and bad will blur

Even sadder is that I question my right to cry or feel pain
Holding on to something precious always came with a price
The only rule is don’t let go

I’ll rather settle for pain and hurt not loss
Your happiness over mine keeps hope alive
The hole in my heart will eventually just be a scar after victory is won
All I ask is that you be gentle and remember I’m only human
More emotion than flesh and blood.


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