A task for the brave

Everything is spent on love
Nothing less and yet never at a loss
It earns you wisdom and maturity
The lucky couple that gave birth to happiness
Their offspring is not just a feeling but a choice and way of life
In love feelings challenge you
Rapidly expanding and contracting the heart builds emotional muscle
In a nutshell
No one said it would be easy
But I guarantee you life is miserable without it
Every minute a process so is everyday
To love is to see a reflection of you in another
No matter how different they may be
Constantly putting your feet in their shoes just to know how it hurts before you judge
Love is like the dog that bites with its teeth yet carries it poppies with the same teeth
One is never sure what tomorrow brings
Yet we anticipate it knowing that together we can achieve anything
There’s never enough reason to love
At least not as much as there is to hate
But love is the very source of life itself
Over money and material things it will always win
Where it doesn’t, don’t be deceived love never dwells
It’s easier to say I love you forgetting that love is a responsibility
A responsibility with no off days
In conclusion, love is only for the brave


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  1. Posted by artanddesignofpaul on May 22, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    lovely post
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