In the valley of loss
From her stream with muddy hands I took a sip
Her waters like bile envelope my tongue
From the shadows around me mocking voices scorn
My company with the changing weather and terrain fade like a mirage
Often I heard them whisper
“Of what use?” Other times “at what cost?”
It was to late to turn back the very moment I set out
My first foot steps were heard early before the cock crew and reason new it was dawn
I left reason wrapped in the warmth of a blanket
Hoping to find and stop me by morning
But here I am
Faraway and hoping there would be a reward for bravery
Maybe by chance you would recognise the look in my eyes
The eyes of one lost in an endless field where all the blades of grass look alike and tower over my head as doubt shadows me and the rustling sounds nearby threaten me with danger
At least finally I’ll know how it ends
On the open roads of happiness or the street corners of heartbreak.


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