Curtain call

The words were never mine to say
If it were the courage would have been given to me
I never saw the end up until I hit my toe against it
The pain was a reminder of how much I hoped things would be
Those nights I prayed that you would stop hurting me
That I wouldn’t have to be a man and hold back my tears
But how they flowed into streams
And how you still couldn’t see,how simple it was to love me
Without the sword of pride and the blows of suspicion
It was just love,
As God meant it to be…just love
That life had no meaning to me…only love
Made friends with time that she would heal my wounds
And bring to pass dark days with clouds of gloom
And to you I gave the power to hurt me or make me smile
Somehow that coin always landed same side up
I understand
You gave your heart to a stranger who never gave it back
What then was left to give me?
And with tears I accept my fate
Our garden will never bloom with roses
Neither will time make light and into tales our story for our children

what grief i feel

May the universe bring us peace
As we straddle along with baggages full
And an open wound


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