With age and time I’ve come to learn
How arguable it is that love is just emotion
Such great injustice it would be to assume
Love,an ultimate form of choice
The one choice that governs them all
Gives reason meaning
Purpose finds its true nature in her
She never lies but the heart with emotions always will
Like a candle flame how they flicker and burn out
Emotions and their short lifespan
But choice is eternal
To love is to chose
I choose you
Respective of how wrong or right the conditions seem
Like a farmer I’ll rather plant and wait on rain not the other way around
This choice,how it challenges me
Pushing beyond the boundaries of what I once called safe
A little discomfort always pays
Why live in fear of doubt or uncertainty?
The truth may just be out there not here
Uncertainty is never the choice of the brave
And for you I choose to be
There’s no knowing the possibilities
But the choice of love and the seed of faith are all we need
I speak for me but by our union I speak for US..


One response to this post.

  1. …grave injustice it would be,indeed.
    I choose Love.


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