Because i am a man

Because I am a man
The world expects nothing but superhuman strength
From the day I was born I bore the fear of disappointing a world that expects me to run right away and not crawl
To have an understanding of all things without being taught
To face mountains a hundred times my size without fear.

Because I am a man
when I hurt never should I break a tear even worse a word of complain
It would only show me weak and unfit to bear the tittle man
Emotion,such a crime
Her paths I was told never to wonder
That she would strip me of all honour and respect
And all this things without complain or excuse I have tried to be

Now you judge my heart
You call it vile and say everything it birth stinks with untruth and malivolence
Even the artists of old paint the devil as male
When I reach out to you to console me,
All I find is judgment
In your eye my every gesture suspicious
“They can’t be trusted this men”
Stories of my flaws cover the distance like a wild fire
But my victories remain an occasional tale for moments of boredom
I then ask myself,
Am I not capable of good?
Why do I have a heart if I can not feel?
Why was I given tears if I wasn’t meant to cry?
Why was I blessed with speech if every word I speak a lie?
Why am I born a child if need no care?
Such foolish questions I ask
A man would never ask such
he should have the answers as to all things

Why do I have intellect if it were such a crime to ask why?
Would it be wrong to see myself as first human then a man?
Mortal flesh and blood to warm my veins
Unquestionable is the fact that I am male
But so am I many other things
A son
A brother
And a father too.


One response to this post.

  1. 🙂 Its okay to feel.
    Its okay to BE.


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