The Traveller

To the boy inside the man I am
Life can be such a huge world without an atlas
Continents and races,places and faces
To trace my path through
leaving deep foot prints
To collect into ponds and spawn fish
With breaths which become clouds
That they may rain and cool the sores on thirsty tongues
Each smile the lightening that lights the darkness in my path
and the light that brings day for the little children to play without the fear of night
My tears,the stream that runs through tributaries of sadness pursuing the ocean of joy
With the touch of my hands I cause fields to grow
Fields of hope,love and charity
My dreams a window into what will be
And my will guarantees it
My flaws keep me rooted to the earth less I forget I’m not a bird and wish to fly
With individuality I bring colour to the carnival of life
My heart,the talking drum and to its beating dialogue I dance,learn,love and live
The earth beneath my feet,the umbilical cord that ties me to my mother less I stray far and forget where from I came


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