Songs From The Heart

In a life time the heart sings many songs
With melodies and tunes that tell of joy like a river And sadness like the rain
Songs of love found and love lost
Painting melodious pictures With gentle or aggressive strokes of emotion
Some days it sings songs of ambition With war drums and chanting
But there still are moments of silence When even a whistle can’t be heard
Music becomes a stranger and empty echoes surround
The streams of joy dry up leaving gullies of cracking clay
But the most beautiful thing is when the heart listens to the song of another
And responds in kind
both in unison make beautiful music
painting each others dreams In gentle but firm strokes
Affirming one truth
Amplifying each others joys untill rivers flow into streams then oceans
Deep enough to harbour life
Like two birds on a three They’ll make music for all to hear and enjoy
That blind hearts may hear and see again
Lame hearts hear and spring up in joy

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