Sometimes the road gets lost in the mist
Wondering off the paths with every step
Walking miles with no pools to drink
The weights around my ankles increase with each step
And the sounds around confirm my fear
….I’m lost
My manly pride aside,I know I need you
This was never how it was meant to be
Skin thick with a cake of dust and sweat
Lips with cracks that trace paths in them
Tongue sore in need of moist
….I need you now
Only on your path did the journey seem easy and safe
Out here the paths are shadowed by wolfs and nameless beasts
Every moment my life drifts towards the cliff’s end
But I know you’ll find me
And make everything okay
I’ll wake up and this would all be a dream
A very bad dream..
…I need you Lord
For now I know this world was never home
Its alluring illusions deceive and give false hope
Its truths all lies
And its lies death
Nostalgia feels my eyes with tears and my heart with regret
When I thirst you showed me streams
Hungry you led me to trees of exotic fruits
But selfishness and greed brought me news of places finer and better
I know better now
Every fibre of my body confirms their lie
Could it be too late for you Lord
To save a man drowning in his mistakes
Reach out your hand that I may sink no more
Speak life to this dry bones
And quench my thirst with your living water
Let my heart recognise the sounds of joy
As it comes running over the hill sides
Like a young mountain goat with leaping
Undeserving as I may be
I’m still your son
Let not the shadows consume me
And the night devour me
Let morning find me under your wings
And my spirit renewed indeed.


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