Life As i Know It

Life is like a story
Its never what it set out to be
Like a Jack in the box,
Springing surprises at every turn
The weather could be unpredictable along this paths
And the people many but strange

Life is like a song
How the notes and keys change
Good to bad and back to good again
Each day we breath we dance to its music
Some with two left feet others flat footed
But the skilled know how to switch steps to its music
From slow dancing to a vigorous crump
Its rhythm is heard with the heart and not the ears

Life is a movie
The simple ones sometimes become heroes
Other times,just a plain tragedy
Some may find happy ever after
Some will wrestle the odds to change their fate
While others throw in the towel and accept their place..

Life is just life
Live it and never regret a step of the way
For each step finds you and not the other way round
Each story uniquely written
Be proud for it choose you to be its author
Life must go on,only create the background music
And although the plot may have been written
You at least write the script


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