Bleeding Sleeves

This bleeding sleeves
Worn my heart on them for so long
Like a time piece they’ve seen many seasons
But tomorrow always promised better
Greener fields with apple trees
A place to take off my hat and fall asleep
Void of fear that foxes lurk
Somehow every attempt ends with a slit wrist
Failing to die the pain only gets worse
With enough blood loss maybe I’ll find comfort in numbness
..I could only wish
With the ironic taste of blood the sharks circle
And the vultures wait
Dressed with a smile
Telling me to give in and it would be alright
This sleeves say I tried and still will
Even when handshakes feel like threats
Paranoia questions every smile
And Insecurities build sand fortresses around my shorelines
Fear continually whispers,don’t fall..
But my heart on my sleeves remains the only way I know to live
Evidence of my courage to hope
And will to be..


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  1. Brave person.


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