Change,a constant
And the world no different from all that have bowed to its blade
For the eyes of the old have seen enough to leave the mind in turmoil
the young confused with day mares
And resounding why’s for lack of words
This changes and how they terrify us
Terrorism,natural disasters,chemical warfare….
Could this all be part of the grand design?..
Hate,injustice,greed…their blue veins spread till the human body and mind is but a memory
How could this be?,I wonder..
Civilisation,its very own contradiction
Going forward has only but taken us back
Far beyond the beginning
But unlike a movie the story traces not a past but a present and possible future
I fear for my children..
And their children too
The forecast predicts all but fine weather
But like drowning men,with our teeth we hold on to Hope
…Not like we were left with a choice
Like love she makes all pain endurable
At night when we wake up to thunder and cold sweats,she comforts us.
In the day when the sun burns she shades us
But time the vilan,
He makes her intoxication wear off
With clear eyes the menacing truth of reality invokes all fear
..Like a drunk we return to the liquor cabinets of Hope
.. a vicious circle indeed.
Maybe dig around for a hidden stash
..It better be there were i left it
For her liquid fire running down my trout maybe all i need to push through today.


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