Found this amazing poet,
Read him all day.
Felt good to be lost in words and fiction
Made me wish never to return
No dusty shelves or volumes
Just words with stories fine
Each line more intense
And the mind more eager
Far away to places never been it took me
Over seas,where the language was foreign
And the accents weird
A free trip with no visa
As free as free could get
Characters busy with their lives
Paying me no mind for being a peeping Tom
They loved,hated,sinned and repented
Did I learn anything?
Of course I did..
That human beings are such complex creatures
Emotions tie their spirit to flesh
The flesh a spoilt child always in need
Ready to throw tantrums if not heeded
…All this pictures he painted fine
Would have loved to stay
But reality called
And reminded me of bills to pay.


One response to this post.

  1. …Would that Utopia was the norm,and not the exception.


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