The Resilient

In the hand of fate love is but a pen
And every line it writes,a curse
Turning the ordinary to fairytales or nightmares
Its reward is never known up until halfway along the rope bridge
At this point,both back and down vanish into the horizon
But the light ahead continues to beckon
And the feet only knows to follow
While the restless mind toys with hope
From a gentle sway to an earthquake
The winds begins to question the rewards of such ambition
You know now what a fool you are
But in foolishness repentance is hard
For the sweet after taste of this fear knows no match
Its intoxication even finer
Swaying and quaking the wind finds no consolation
Yet hypnotised by this light each step finds the other with unrelenting speed
…Years have gone by and like the Magi I still follow the light
Its path be steep,its path be cold..
But with eyes on the light,
that next mile I’ll still walk
Not a pause for rest,
Even these sore feet know better
For the heart whispers hope and courage Like David,the songs in my heart sing of my victory over hundreds of thousands
And with it I fill my belly and quench my thirst
I pray this time fate be kind
with a warm embrace,mark the finish line
And beyond it wait the price of patience and perseverance many


One response to this post.

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ your opinions do matter.
    But you are right..its His Future..and it could be ours,if we let Him.
    Be still ๐Ÿ™‚


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