I wouldn’t have it any other way
Not a second,minute or hour less..
Not without a single day or word
I would live in Dejavou if need be
For the heart never tires of that which nourishes it
You feed me full with joyful bliss
And in the glare of our tomorrow’s promise and possibilities I squint
Why would I wish it different?
Buried in desert sand you became my oasis
With gentle steps those feet found way into my heart
And I pray they never find cause to leave
For fond has become this heart that has found you
My every being echoes unending hallelujas
As my soul holds out it’s hands to be cuffed
Take me away,
Let my confines be your heart
With a kiss take me captive
Your prisoner I wilfully submit to be
For freedom without you would mean lost at sea
Who would have known we would walk this road
Each mile is but a few steps
With streams of emotion to quench my thirst and yours
And sparks of affection to light our path at night
Like a snail we carry our home with us
In our hearts and in our hands tightly woven together
Who needs four walls when we have two hearts?
And two mouths that pronounce our love eternal


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