Forgive me for the time it took to remember you
In words I mean for in my heart you remain alive
Waking up to the physical pain in my chest is all the reminder I need
…I miss you…
But this words have no magic in them and thus can’t reverse time
The world might not remember you
But the space you left in our hearts still remains
Leaving those who love you in wonder..
How tall would you have grown?..
What would you sound like in maturity?..
He would have looked handsome with facial hair..
Who would you have fallen in love with? what age and how?
What profession would you have chosen?..
…I just miss you…
My Brother
My kin
My friend
It breaks my heart to forget your laugh and smile
But I remember your spirit and how it felt to call you my brother
The many things I wish I could teach you
And all I wish I could give you while watching your face light up in joy
Your brother is a man now,he earns a living and is in love
She’s amazing,I’m sure you would agree
..He’s trying to figure out life on his own
And believe me,some days its hard
Some days the world is too big and I’m too little
I’m lost in all of its worries and demands
I guess you like me never imagined being a man could be this tough
You were destined to be such an amazing man if only you were here
Always showed signs of greatness and soo much wisdom beyond your years
I promise I’ll be good for both of us
The world is in need of good men
Indeed it lost one of the few on your departure
Sometimes I wish you had visiting days when I could come by just long enough to see your face
But I guess I’ll have to cling onto the virtue of patience
Till we meet again
Nwanem,nodi ofuma…soh chi ma


One response to this post.

  1. 🙂 Soh Chi ma 🙂
    He heard your heart long before you wrote.
    Udo 🙂


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