Queen of Hearts

Finally life is kind,
Life is gentle
She’s a lady and in her embrace I feel like her man
The nightmares fade into dreams
Leaving doubt to their existence
Joy paints colours in the sky
And love sings me awake at dawn
Familiar but yet strangers we were
But in wonder I am of how we ever survived each others absence
Truly she be four walls and a weather tight roof
Home was never a place
I choose to believe not
For her kisses and smiles give truth to my assumption
Her waters are gentle
I navigate them without fear and anxiety
To the questioning lips my response is simple
She be the notes to my music
The one who sees me
When all the world saw were my flaws
This nest we build is not of straw but trust
For fate found us and faith will lead us
Her only crime is love
How undeserving I am
I must have pleased God in a previous life for He smiles on me with such radiance that It blinds me
In her I find the wings that give me flight
A reason for courage
Like Michelangelo she transforms my heart into the Sistine Chapel
Onlookers can’t help but stop and stare


3 responses to this post.

  1. This is so beautifully written! Wonderful lines throughout, “And love sings me awake at dawn”, “Joy paints colours in the sky”, just to name a couple. The last two lines are awesome. Very nicely done! 🙂


  2. Wow 🙂


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