The Wait

The windows of tomorrow promise much
But the hour glass of today keeps us from reaching through
Through to anticipated glory,
That pay cheque,
Or a lover’s embrace
But the true reward is in the wait
Garnished with the taste of anxiety
And neatly placed within arms reach is optimism and pessimism
Like salt and pepper you may sprinkle as much as you need
A sweet tooth I am,optimism tastes just fine
Like sugar its high is bound to keep my spirit soaring
Whatever the outcome,I enjoyed the trip
But in this wait a hand is better prepared to receive it’s gift
Scrubbed thoroughly in the virtues of patience and rinsed till the sparkles of appreciation and wisdom envelope them
Wisdom to open the eyes to the true value of common things
Appreciation to teach these two palms how to receive
Without which tomorrows gifts become pearls for the pigs
With eyes of gratitude Love becomes a true blessing only a few find
And her lips,ancient treasure time and weather have caused the earth to give up


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