Amazon Queen

I thought I knew her story
As a child,who sat by my bed side daily
The hand that held mine on our quick walk across the busy street
The voice that called out and I knew there was a hot meal waiting
Sometimes a spanking
How I grew to call her mommy
That word that meant safe place
There was no fear here even when all around was crashing and burning
I never knew
Your nights with no sleep for fear I would starve
Your labour with no rest so my ever growing feet wouldn’t be strangers to shoes
Your drunken panic prayer over my ceaseless fever
If I broke my arm,
All I had to do was find home
A part of me knew too well where to find help and solace
Now I know,
Home was never the house with broken door handles and often yelling
Mummy was home and home was her
Like the strip foundation that we all know is there but never bother to look for
She bore the weight of our home
No promotion,plaques on her wall or raise
Yet her job had no after hours for drinks and careless laughs with friends
I’ve grown to see this woman fade
Once jet black hair requiring a steady touch of dye
A tommy that has more opinions on what it doesn’t like than the political critics
Her eyes have lost interest for ‘far’
‘Near’is all they concerned with
Yet you have no keys to a mansion on the hills
Or to a fancy chauffeur driven automobile
Just the lines of age and wear that find nesting on your face
I’m not blind to your story
Neither am I stone cold to you pain
As long as I have life
You will receive your reward
But till then..
I recognise and appreciate you my Amazon queen.


One response to this post.

  1. …bless your heart. I wish she could see this.


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