The Psalmist

In the arms of the one that calls me lover

An embrace not of hands but hearts

Calling out to the other in tongues of passionate fire

And unsung psalms chorused by each heart beat

That life may crown this creation eternal

That together decades will run into centuries

That it becomes the motto by which love is universaly proclaimed

Each feeding this little flame into a forest fire

Not only from miles away but for years to come,its flames will be seen

At its light the shadows of loneliness and poor self esteem flee

The world won’t say we left it nothing

Like Christmas,its joy will cross all religious,social and natural prejudice

Like the tree in the yard,every bird will find nesting

As our strong trunk backed by age will prove its possible

To love and be loved

To see self in another

To see nature and mother in her and she in me,the earth beneath her feet and the sky above her pretty crown.


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