Then and Now

Believe me when I says its a long story 

Then and now,the space between blurs 

But the lessons learnt became the tall tree from which a new and broader view of life hangs 

Life has no straight roads,quote me 

Over hills and around corners 

Open country to vast ocean 

The journey covers them all 

Everyday a market day 

The night before is filled with wonder 

What goods will line the merchants tables 

Through all this in age I’ve found company 

Not the most pleasant  

But the most reliable 

Change continually plays the bag pipes and other elements respond with dancing 

From shorter days to shorter nights 

Its a long road from when I was a boy 

When my wings were young and ambitious 

Everything was possible 

Life was a canvas, 

I painted on it what I willed  

Each stroke led by young ambition 

Anxiety stole peace because every road could be traveled 

And my naive feet couldn’t wait to set out with whistling and finger snapping 

But I’m no lad anymore 

Age and its favorite game of addition not subtraction 

My days are made of weeks and weeks of years 

My wings melt like wax in the face of reality 

My dreams still whisper but from afar  

Now unsure of their validity and possibility 

The strength of my hand and heart are all the treasure I have saved up 

And in God,I have learnt to cast my anchor 

In love too are my dreams renewed 

With a realism that lacked the creativity of my youth 

Life is no more a canvas to paint dreams on but a slab of stone to carve my story from.


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