Seasons Visit

At thirty Santaclaus finally finds me

Could it be all the good with my name against them?

It’s hard to tell,in the details you’ll understand

Chimneys like UFOs have never been at home in this paths

Small wonder his choice of a more grandiose entry

Over the west perimeter fence

Taking his time to cut through the prickly concentriner wire

Like Jesus,his timing was uniquely strange,2am to be precise

Slumber was sweet to the humming of the airconditioner

Armed with a bag to take and not give

His only preccy,a rusty gun

Not with the alarm of overwhelmed kids

My neighbor’s screaming shatters sleep

Shortly followed by the sound of fireworks 

Which turned out to be the door of flat 4B being forced open

What a lovely christmas indeed

Crossing fingers for the new year….

All the compliments of the season.


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