For Love of Woman

My “Daughter of Faith”

The one of whom Destiny has written such a fine and intriguing plot

Your mother has cursed and blessed you

For by faith you must travel paths few have the courage to

By faith also all you desire is possible

But your nature is everything but common

A unique woman whose ways identify,

In a special way with the roles of daughter,sister,wife and mother 

With love unreservedly lavished ,you straddle them and ride their rough and curvy routes

To know you is to know the rewards reserved for the righteous

Hardly is anyone deserving of your love

You wear your crown upon your heart

Your royal scepter,your will to do good and please God

Those who christened you Omanma,were divinely inspired

For your beauty is skin deep as well as a halo around your carefully sculpted head 

My love for you is etched in stone.


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