Music of the night

Music in the night

Distant like the moon light

Yet behind those dark clouds your light shine bright

You sing me gently to sleep like a mother to her babe

Your words say tomorrow will be better 

And it streets Finner

You tell me to take heart

That today’s defeat was not a loss but a lesson

My body finds sleep but my spirit is awakened like a tended fire

Your words say I’m strong and good 

That failure is common to every man so is success

That life is beautiful

Although sometimes it may scare you

Like thunder on a stormy night

But the loudest things don’t have the greatest strength

For fear is the gate keeper to new beginnings

Your world is never what your eyes see but what your mind dreams and your heart believes

Dream your tomorrow into existence

You may loose it all but never loose faith

For it’s seed sprout life itself

Love is easy but it’s price is pretty stip

If it wasn’t then every fool will afford it

And it’s value will be lost

Never be too lazy to learn

For knowledge is the boat that gets you to the other side

Your size is never a limitation

Ask the ants and they will tell you so.


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