Who am I?

Am I the person in the mirror I hate looking at and love to admire?

The person in my head I assume I am or should be?

The characters sometimes found in books and movies?

The person people say I am and I love to believe?

A combination of many I admire?

A collection of of individual traits and characteristics I desire?

The opposite of those I judge and dislike?

Maybe I’m as special as I sometimes tell myself I am in consolation.

Maybe not…

I am the person I find each day.

The person I’m sometimes ashamed of other times in awe.

I am like a wave,life like the wind shapes me.

Like water,my base state remains constant but my character, a series of various reactions.

I am good

I am bad

I am kind 

I am mean

I am a saint and a sinner too

Compassionate yet judgemental

Brave but afraid…

I am a natural contradiction.

Truth be told,I do not know who I am

but how it is not such a thing to be ashamed of,I have learnt.

Not knowing who you are…

I guess I am human.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love. Love Love. Human. It’s what we are. Spirit.


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