L Word

Love beautiful yet frail
Like a new born,tender and held with caution
It’s head cradled a certain way less it snaps it’s neck
All it does is want
And all you do is give
Nourishing it strong with food and words
No sooner did it crawl did it start to walk
A first step taken in fright to quicker paces after a worried chicken in the yard
As you watch it grow,all you can do is pray
For babies often grow to become saints other times monsters
Those eyes that said without words I need you
The fingers that explored the contours of your face and told you how perfect you were
Lips that left you convinced that all they were meant for was kisses and a radiant smile
that left the sun jealous and the stars insecure
But love is not a babe forever
as a child does it too grows
Not unlike the pine trees that line the front fence
From a cradle to a bed
Cloths once bogus now barely fit
For some love gets wiser and kinder
It’s water gets purer for drinking and it’s branches grow broader in shade
But love too can be sour
Like parents we never know
One minute you’re looking in your baby’s adorable eyes
And impatiently imagining the blessings the world stands to gain
The next minute it’s those same eyes in the news
It wasn’t for a cure for cancer
But a crime that would kill it’s victims even slower
Like our children it often grows to break our hearts
Good or bad,our children are gifts
More than blessed we are to be graced with the tittle parent
To love is no different
However long it lasts
Sweet or sour
Nothing is taken from the gift that it is
With arms wide embrace it
With an open heart own it
And like a clay pot filled with water from the village stream
Collect it’s wisdom with an open mind


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